Oh you crazy spring…

quiltn party

Oh you crazy spring…





It’s spring here in Colorado. That means you better be ready for anything regarding the weather. Of course, that’s kind of the rule for Colorado year round. Last Wednesday, it was a dreary, snowy / rainy day. Katrina spent her day snuggled in my favorite quilt while I had to go to the office.

Fast forward a couple of days to the weekend and it was beautiful, sunny, and warm day so we set out for a walk on a local trail through an area known as McCabe Meadows. The little bridge crosses a little run off stream that runs adjacent to Cherry Creek. You can imagine that Katrina really wanted to avoid the bridge and just run through the stream but I didn’t let her, she had just been to the groomer the day before.

Of course while we were out Katrina was the recipient of constant attention. I love that people are always surprised to hear that she is nearly 10 years old. It reminds me that she has kept all the spunk and spirit that she had as a puppy and the reason I fell in love with her.

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