Sewing Progress…

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Sewing Progress…





It’s May, and I’m in Colorado. That means one thing… Mother’s Day was interrupted by a Flash Flood Warning due to the rain we’ve had for a week straight and we were also under a Winter Storm Warning that resulted in 10″ of snow the morning of Mother’s Day that was all melted by 4:00 only to add to the Flash Flood Warning. Fortunately, I live in a suburb south of Denver and the elevation is 6000 feet, higher than Denver is so the flooding doesn’t impact me. But I hate seeing what the flooding does to the farmers and the small communities affected.

Due to the less than friendly weather over Mother’s Day weekend, I was able to get some sewing done. I worked on the first three blocks from the Farm Girl Vintage book. Lori Holt the author of the book is hosting a sew along which you can read about here. I am sewing the 6″ blocks which come together pretty quickly thanks to Lori’s wonderfully clear directions.

I’m following along with the Farm Girl Vintage sew along on Instagram (you can find me under QuiltnParty). I was thrilled to see that Lori Holt commented on my Autumn Star Block. That was a big fan girl moment for me.

I’m doing some things with this project that are out of the norm for me. First I’m really trying to stay organized with the scraps that I generate. I like the idea of continuing to build on the scraps in an organized manner so the quilts I make down the road are even more scrappy. Second, I’m pressing my seams open, Lori has suggested this many times on her blog to keep blocks laying flat. I find with these little 6″ blocks that pressing the seams open is really helping. I’ve always been concerned about this as I was taught that pressing your seams open can weaken the seam but I decided to give it a go with this project.

In other sewing news, I’ve now signed up for 4, yes 4 different swaps on Instagram. I will be sure to show my progress regarding these swaps as I go. I’m really excited to do this. I’ve always wanted to get involved in the online sewing community and these swaps will be a great opportunity to get to know some people.

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