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I love old barns. There’s a few in my town that the local historic society has been able to preserve. My favorite is this one, Slemmer Ranch Barn. The barn was built in 1918 by Edmund and Anna Slemmer. The barn contained a hayloft on the second floor and horses and dairy cows on the main floor.  There’s a cute story regarding Anna who was an avid gardener. To assist in the plowing of the garden plot, Anna used a retired, old gray horse named Fred. To get him to plow, Anna would fill a saucer with sugar and stand at the far end of the garden which would entice Fred to pull the plow toward her. Anna would then refill the saucer and go to the other end and wait till Fred got there. This was repeated for every furrow until the plowing was done.

Now, one of the towns walking/ cycling paths runs next to the barn and an elementary school is right next door. There are some old farm implements that are still on site laying in the tall grass and the spot is surrounded by suburban homes. It still remains a pretty spot that always seems tranquil and relaxing whenever I visit. You can almost hear the dairy cows.

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  1. beautiful photographs of such a lovely day at the farm! There’s a couple old barns and foundations that I drive by on my way home every day and I love it when they catch the light just right like this!

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