Special Sewing for a Swap Buddy…

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Special Sewing for a Swap Buddy…







You may recall a post from a couple weeks ago that I’ve done some special sewing for my special buddy in the Bonnie and Camille Sampler Quilt Bee on Instagram. The Swap will go through January of 2016 and everyone participating will receive 2 blocks each month. In addition all the participants were assigned a special buddy that they would send a special package to in a designated month. July was my month for my special buddy, Jennifer to receive her package. Jennifer made it clear in her suggestions that she did not want a wall hanging and would like a little fabric pouch of some kind. She also expressed a love for dark chocolate (my favorite too).

I don’t have a lot of experience sewing functional items like makeup pouches or with zippers. In the long run I made several modifications to the pattern including adding a strip of 2″ blocks to allow for more Bonnie and Camille fabrics to be used. I also quilted the outside fabric to cotton batting hoping this would give the pouch some structure. I wanted the pouch to be able to stand on a counter instead of just falling over. Lastly, I made sure the zipper tape was secured inside the pouch so nothing will catch on it. Overall I’m pleased with how it turned out and I’m thinking about doing a tutorial in the future about my edits.

In addition, to the makeup pouch I made Jennifer a little mug rug and a cute little pin cushion that I filled with ground up walnut shells. They give the pincushion a nice weight and keep your pins sharp. Some cute little heart topped pins and a couple of bars of yummy dark chocolate rounded out the gifts for Jennifer. She also indicated that she had several dogs so I threw in some pup treats so they can be distracted while she sews. (I know I’m not supposed to apologize for the condition of my photos but I have to, it was late and rainy)

I hope Jennifer enjoys all her gifts!

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  1. Kay

    This pouch is great and so neatly finished, I hope you do make a tutorial I would definitely make one

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