Selvage Storage…

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Selvage Storage…


I don’t know where I’ve been for all the years I’ve made quilts, but I’ve never saved my selvage until this summer. So when I started I just grabbed the nearest container I saw and started putting them in there.

Did you know there are two spellings for selvage? I didn’t until I was proofreading this post and realized I was using both versions. The US English version is selvage and the British English version is selvedge.

Good to know right? Anyhow, now my little selvage container is overflowing. I was wondering how you store your selvages. Leave a comment and let me know. I really want to know how you store them so I can improve on this jar.

Be sure to click over to Renee at Quilts of a Feather and Jess at Quilty Habit for more information on the Selvage Along.

4 thoughts on “Selvage Storage…

  1. Tish

    In my garbage bag…but I have to admit I’m considering saving mine as well. I’ve seen so many great posts of people making backings, small purses and even lamp shades, that I’m starting to think I have have underestimated the value of those little buggers.


    I’ve only just started keeping my selvages and I also keep them in a jar! I do however think that I need a much larger jar. I really like being able to see these little lovelies!

  3. Renee

    I love the idea of storing them in a jar to see them! Maybe you could use several jars and sort them by color family. Thanks for linking up with the Selvage Along!

  4. Gayle

    I sort my various scraps into similar groups and store them in zip bags. Right now my strings and selvages live in the same bag. I’m not great at remembering to salvage my selvages.

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