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Text Me Swap…




If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I am participating in the secret Text Me Mini Swap. The guidelines for the swap require quilt shop quality fabrics including but not limited to two fabrics with words, letters, and or numbers. We received  information from our swap partner about what designers and colors they typically like so I’ve tried to put together a fabric palette that will make my partner happy. I’ll be posting on this one in the future as I work on the quilting and get closer to the delivery date.

One thought on “Text Me Swap…

  1. Wanda Ann Dotson

    Working with text on a quilt is always a challenge for me. I tried one with LOVE on it and it turned into Love is messy. I just couldn’t get the L to look right with the O. Oh well, live and learn. Maybe stick to fabric with text. You’ve done both with great care.

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