A gift from the past…





Several years ago, my friend Cynthia handed me a white garbage full of quit blocks that she had made around 1985 and then put away and never finished the quilt. I don’t remember why she said she never finished the quilt. For several years now, it has been on my list of WIPs to pull these blocks out and finish the quilt. 2016 is finally going to be that year!!!

So here is what I found when I opened up the bag. First a vintage Quilt in a Day book by Eleanor Burns, copyright 1979. Look at the diagrams and directions in this book. No wonder quilting seemed so confusing to people back them those diagrams are hard to understand compared to the simplicity of today’s patterns.

I took a photo of the back of these log cabin blocks because I have to give a shout out to Cynthia for her attention to detail. In the third photo you will see that she was switching between red and white thread depending on which fabric strips she was piecing. That is serious dedication.

These blocks are 12″ square and so sweet, I’m really excited to work on this quilt. For now, I’ve pressed all the blocks while I think of how I want to lay them out.

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