A WIP From the Past…

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A WIP From the Past…



In 2011 I started this quilt titled “Chasing Chevrons” with a stash of orange, yellow, brown and aqua fat quarters. This was the first quilt I attempted with a solid white “background” fabric. It was the beginning of when I began to fall in love with the Modern Traditional style of quilting. Unfortunately my iron left a teeny tiny stain on the one spot of the white fabric. At the time I became discouraged and put the whole thing in the WIP pile. Somewhere between then and now I did some research and discovered that hydrogen peroxide could loosen up and help remove the stain so I always meant to go back and try it out.

I pulled this quilt from the WIP pile and the offending stain has been taken care of so now I’m so motivated to work on this quilt. Luckily I had printed out the directions for this quilt that was a free pattern from the blog That Girl, That Quilt. At one point I stopped following the blog as the author was posting less frequently over time to the point where the last time I referenced the blog it had been over a year since her last post. In writing this post and looking for the blog to link to I discovered That Girl, That Quilt no longer exists. There are references to it here and there in Google Land but the actual blog is gone. It’s made me wonder, what is the right thing to do when you no longer want to blog? I’m sure I’m not the only reader who has been disappointed when a favorite blogger has fallen off.

The quilt is composed of half square triangles that are pieced together to make the Chevron and there is large areas of neutral space around the Chevrons that have not clear direction. I’m excited to work on this quilt, I find the fabrics to be such a cheery mix that I can’t wait to get this one finished so I can look at it on my sofa.

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