April Bee Hive Block…

The May block for the Bee Hive Swap is the Wanta Fanta block. First, remember that Fanta commercial? “Want a want a, don’t you want a”? The entire time I was working on this block that song was going through my head. Second, I have to admit that when I saw there was paper piecing involved I groaned. I don’t have a hard time with paper piecing, I get it. I just don’t enjoy it. I feel like I spend most of my time prepping and not much time sewing. Luckily, the paper piecing isn’t too intense with this block. And the end result is really nice.

4 thoughts on “April Bee Hive Block…

  1. It is a beautiful block and I love the fabrics you chose. I feel the same way about paper piecing, but I have to admit I do enjoy the clean precise points it can give you.

    • Hi Sharla!

      Tearing the paper is the worst… I always worry its going to distort my blocks. I’m really looking forward to getting to know you in our blogger group… I am feeling so inspired by everyone!

      Have a nice day, Stephanie


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