North Central New Mexico…










Over the weekend we went to Santa Fe, New Mexico. I love going to Santa Fe, and try to go every couple of years. It’s an easy 5 hour drive from the Denver area. There’s something in the air in Santa Fe that makes you feel all the history of the area.

Saturday morning we had breakfast at the Pantry, a restaurant that has been open since 1948. I had a yummy corned beef hash that was filled with tender corned beef made on site.

After breakfast we headed downtown to visit the plaza area. The Santa Fe plaza has been the center of town for over 400 years. Did you know that Santa Fe was established in 1607? Europeans from Spain colonized the area and people have continued to live here ever since. The downtown area is filled with historic adobe buildings that just seem to have sprouted out of the ground as they are such a natural part of the landscape.

We visited the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi which sits on the east side, one block from the plaza. It is a beautiful structure built in the late 1800s that sits on top of the remains of a church that was originally built in 1608. The current archbishop has been working since 1997 to have the interior restored as it was historically. Outside the Basilica is a statue of Kateri Tekakwitha who lived from 1656-1680. She was the first North American Indian to be beatified and was canonized in 2012.

Saturday evening we had dinner at The Shed which is my favorite restaurant in Santa Fe. I think it’s everyone’s favorite restaurant in Santa Fe, it’s always so busy. The Shed has been serving the most delicious blue corn enchiladas with red chile since 1953. Since 1960, The Shed has been located at Prince Patio, an adobe hacienda that was built around 1692.

On the trip home, we took the long way by taking the high road to Taos. The views are stunning all along this road. We had breakfast at Michael’s Kitchen in Taos which has been serving up yummy New Mexican food since 1974. The tamales are some of the best I’ve had.

The last stop we made on the way home was in San Luis, Colorado for a spectacular view of the snow capped Sangre de Cristo mountains with low thunder clouds. Where we stopped happened to be right next to the “People’s Ditch”. The San Luis valley is a large agricultural area and with my knack for random facts I was able to explain to my fellow travelers that the “People’s Ditch” is basically the very first irrigation canal in Colorado.

It’s always so good to be home but it was a really fun trip through an area I love.


3 thoughts on “North Central New Mexico…

  1. My daughter used to live in Albuquerque, NM and would travel there several times. She loved the area and the outdoor markets, where the people make there crafts and always bought something. I would love to go, but my health prevents it. I am glad that you shared pictures. My way of traveling. Also when you get back to Denver, please share pictures of that area and I will share pictures of my travels. Love your posts.

  2. Hi Stef! Love your blog. So much we have in common, who would have known I have known you for so long and never knew about your love of sewing & New Mexico. I was born in Taos, New Mexico….my dads family are still there. My uncle has a home 1 block from Michaels Kitchen that me & my siblings will be inheriting. So it may be my retirement place. New Mexico has always been a place that always feels like home to me more than any other place on earth!!! Glad you enjoyed your trip down south! =)

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