2016 June

quiltn party

Getting Settled…

So they’re not pretty pictures, but I used my camera after moving. We’re 5 days in and I have 2 boxes left to unpack. I’ve been a machine and to be honest I’m exhausted but loving the new place. The bathrooms are done, my bedroom is done, the kitchen, dining area and living room areRead More

quiltn party

Do you love it?

I remember when I first started quilting, I thought I had to love every single fabric that went into a quilt. Fabric selection was really hard then because there were fabrics that I didn’t love that probably would have worked just fine in a project but I couldn’t bring myself to use them because IRead More

quiltn party

5 Things Friday…

Once again it’s time to take a small moment and recognize those things that have made me smile or brought joy to me this week. You can make your own list and link up to Amanda at Gypsy Moon Quilt Co. 4 Day Weekends (even dealing with movers in summer heat is better than goingRead More