5 Things Friday…

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5 Things Friday…


Once again it’s time to take a small moment and recognize those things that have made me smile or brought joy to me this week. You can make your own list and link up to Amanda at Gypsy Moon Quilt Co.

  1. 4 Day Weekends (even dealing with movers in summer heat is better than going to the office sometimes).
  2. Crossing tasks off your to do list and appreciating that your plan came together.
  3. The echoey (I make up words) sound of a new place slowly disappearing as your stuff begins to fill it up.
  4. Saying goodbye to the old place and appreciating all the memories you made there.
  5. Knowing there’s good stuff to come!


4 thoughts on “5 Things Friday…

  1. Tami

    Great list. It can be hard, sometimes, to find peace and happiness in the middle of something stressful like moving. You have managed to do just that. I hope you settle in quickly, and start making new happy memories right away.

    Oh, and echoey? Totally a word.

  2. Gypsy Moon Quilt Co.

    I love your happy things and can completely relate! Nothing about moving is easy, it seems. I’m glad you were able to gain some happiness along the way!

    And I have to agree with Tami – totally a word! 😉 Don’t forget to comment on my most recent post with your post’s URL so others can see your list and leave you some blog love too! ❤️ Happy Friday!

  3. this mom quilts

    Number 2 also makes me quite happy! I really love feeling productive. Happy moving!

  4. Sue

    Love your list. You can pretty much make a weather prediction for any moving day that it will either be scorchingly hot or raining. Enjoy settling in!

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