Progress on Town Square…


For the last week I haven’t really felt like sewing… I think it’s the summertime blues. It’s been so hot, and there’s been a haze in the air from the fires and it’s been a little humid (this Colorado girl likes it dry). Finally this weekend I found the motivation to get into my sewing room and finish up the flimsy for the Town Square quilt. The light wasn’t great for the photos as the air was thick with humidity and the wind was blowing a little.



I really like the simplicity of this quilt. Both with the pattern and the neutral colors with the pop of blue. I also have the binding all ready to go for when the quilting is finished. Now I’m feeling pretty good about working on something else so hopefully it’s a productive week.IMG_3820

One thought on “Progress on Town Square…

  1. Stephanie-I love this quilt!~ BEAUTIFUL CHOICE OF COLORS!!!Can you send me the fabrics and pattern info? I would love to make this one. =)

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