5 Things Friday

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5 Things Friday

I started working on Frivols #4 last weekend. This Frivols spotlights Windermere fabric by Brenda Riddle. The fabric is soft, old fashioned roses in shades of pink, blue, yellow, green and taupe. It’s a very soothing line of fabric. IMG_3856The pattern is made up of all flying geese blocks. That stack has 156 squares where I drew a diagonal line to do the flying geese. That’s the kind of tedious work that isn’t fun in quilting but it has to be done.


It’s also time for 5 things Friday!!! Amanda at Gypsy Moon Quilt Co. hosts this link up every Friday and it’s a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the small, but good things that happen in life. Here’s my list for this week, be sure to visit Amanda’s blog for her list and her beautiful photos.

  1. Wonderful conversations with strangers on the airplane.
  2. Room service. Is there anything more decadent than room service?
  3. Having time after the work day to drive to the beach.
  4. Going home after a week of travel for work.
  5. Sleeping in your own bed.

Here’s some photos I took on my work trip to the Los Angeles area. First, tropical flowers like the ones below do not grow in Colorado. In the others, it’s like you can feel summer fading away on the Manhattan Beach pier…







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  1. Gypsy Moon Quilt Co.

    Your trip photos are so beautiful! I love Los Angeles this time of year! We had hibiscus flowers growing at my childhood home in Florida. They always brings back sweet memories. 😊 Thanks for sharing your happy things! xoxo

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