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I have to say, I really enjoyed making this block for Jenna in the Bee Hive Swap. The block is called Homebase and you can find a great tutorial for it at Blossom Heart Quilts. For the hourglass block in the center we had a choice of using reds and pinks or blues. For the other parts of the block, Jenna requested purples and a variety of low volume fabrics. This is one of those blocks that creates a great secondary pattern which I am all about these days. I believe this block is going on the list of projects for the future.

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  1. princespolkadotHolly

    This is just lovely, Stephanie. I’m with you, I rather like secondary pattern blocks, and this is such a nice blend of modern and traditional. I really like the scrappy low volume background, and your color choices in general.

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