Blogger’s Quilt Festival…

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Blogger’s Quilt Festival…


Have you heard about the Blogger’s Quilt Festival Fall 2016 Edition that is being hosted by Amy Ellis at Amy’s Creative Side? For several years I’ve followed the festival, but never really felt like I had something worth entering… but this year I’ve decided why not enter? You know what they say, you never know if you don’t try.img_3369I’ve decided to enter my red and white log cabin into the small quilts category as the quilt is 48″ x 72″. I love this quilt so much because it is a symbol of friendship. My friend Cynthia gave me these quilt blocks a few years ago that she made in 1985 and never finished the quilt. This year I finally got around to doing something with these blocks. The log cabin blocks are 12 1/2″ x 12 1/2″ and the center block is a very sweet little heart print that was so typical of the 1980s.


In person, the red is THE BRIGHTEST red I have ever seen, it’s almost electric add the crispness of the white fabric and it really hits your eyes. Because of that, I wanted to tone it down a bit so I thought this Sweetwater fabric was the perfect fabric for the backing. It carries out the heart theme from the center of the log cabin without being cutesy.


The quilting also compliments the theme of the quilt with a heart vine that goes through the red and the white portions of the log cabins almost like feather quilting.


I love the bold, layout of the log cabins in the red and white fabrics. So traditional yet so modern at the same time.

5 thoughts on “Blogger’s Quilt Festival…

  1. onecreativefamily

    Good luck. I like the quilt.

  2. Sandra Aiken

    Good luck. I like the quilt also.

  3. Janis Altomare

    I love this quilt. Just the 2 colors make it seem so simple, but so bold.

  4. audrey

    Gorgeous! There’s just something about red and white…


    I love red and white quilts. How wonderful that you were able to make such a great quilt out of her blocks made so long agon. Good luck at the festival.

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