The November Start…

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The November Start…


Tomorrow means it’s November and I’ve started 12″ (finished, 12 1/2″ unfinished) Sawtooth Star blocks using reds and blues. There is a great tutorial at Sew Mama Sew that was written by Elizabeth at Oh, Fransson! The tutorial provides directions for 6″, 8″ and 12″ blocks.The Sawtooth Star block is my favorite block and  envision a quilt made up only of these stars.


For the fabrics,  I pulled a selection of reds from my stash to show the reds that I hope to see in the blocks. When I was going through my stash I was not surprised to see that I have a lot of red fabric.



I also pulled some blue fabrics from my stash. I was surprised to learn that I don’t have as much blue fabric in my stash. Finding the right shades of blue was a little tough. For this quilt I’m ok with anything from a light aqua that is more blue than green to a true navy. I definitely need to find more of those middle blues for my stash.



Lastly, I pulled some wildcard fabrics that will work in the quilt. I consider these wildcards because they either are mostly white or they include both red and blue. I don’t want there to be a background fabric in this quilt and the blocks will all touch one another without sashing. I love stars!!!

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  1. Sarah@123quilt

    This is going to look great!

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