5 Things Friday…


For all of my friends in the U.S., I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving with your family and friends. The day after Thanksgiving is a great day to recount the things that made you happy in the last week. I am linking up with Amanda at Gypsy Moon Quilt Co. If you would like to link up with Amanda, create your own list and be sure to visit her site to share.

  1. Retelling old stories with old friends and laughing until you are crying over your younger self.
  2. The moment you go to pick  up your dog from the groomer and she prances out of the store because she knows she looks as good as she feels.
  3. Mom’s pretty china.
  4. Listening to a brand new and anticipated album from beginning to end with no interruptions.
  5. Finishing  your Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving; no crowds, no traffic, no stress!

3 thoughts on “5 Things Friday…

  1. Happy late Thanksgiving! We got to have two this year since Canada celebrates in October. 😜 Hard to believe it’s almost Christmas – yay you for finishing your shopping already! I haven’t even thought about getting started!

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