2017 Color of the Year…

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2017 Color of the Year…

I’m not one of those quilters who pays much attention to the Pantone Color of the Year. I just sew with what I find appealing. I was looking at the Color of the Year for the previous 6 years and they missed the mark for me, but I suppose they know better than I do. Pantone describes the Color of the Year as;

A symbolic color selection; a color snapshot of what we see taking place in our global culture that serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude.

Well I must be ahead of my time because Pantone has announced the color of the year for 2017 and this time they nailed it as far as I am concerned.

pantone_color_of_the_year_2017_shop_pantone_swatch_cardsPantone has announced the 2017 Color of the Year is Greenery! I have loved this color for so long. My friend Jen refers to it as Stephanie’s Green. I love it because it reminds me of being outside where everything is alive. Pantone describes it as;

A refreshing and revitalizing shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings.


Greenery is a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew.

I look forward to continuing to find ways to use Greenery in my sewing.


5 thoughts on “2017 Color of the Year…

  1. myquiltprojects

    Oooh, the color of money. I just looked for the color of the year and I must have been to early. I agree the color is on the mark! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lisa

    I love this colour as well. I’ve got a slightly lighter shade of it on my living room walls.

  3. Kathy E.

    I’m not usually a green lover, but I do use this shade of it a lot in my sewing room. It seems to brighten every other color and coordinates so well! It’s a great choice, I think!

  4. smilesfromkate

    It’s a lovely shade of green. I haven’t seen it before but my local shops don’t sell a lot of solids, i’ll look out for it on line.

  5. Cathy V

    GREEN IS MY FAVORITE COLOR, ALTHOUGH I MUST ADMIT I LIKE DARKER COLORS. The color of life, renewal, nature, energy, safety, fertility and environment…among others not so positive…..greed, jealousy & envy.
    Great selection.

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