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Share the Love…


The people who make up the quilting community, both online and in the analog world are some of the most giving, compassionate people you will come across. If ever there’s a crisis or a group in need, quilters are always willing to pool their resources in order to provide quilts to comfort those in need.

Sometimes though, it’s nice to receive something quilted just because. Last year, I was looking at all the quilts that I have (and keep making) and realized I don’t have to have a reason to gift someone something quilted. I can do it just because I want to, or because I remembered a special memory between me and that person or just because it’s Tuesday. So I sent out a few quilted items to people that were surprised and shocked and in some cases brought to tears because I thought of them for no reason.

For 2017 I am going to share some quilty love with 3 different readers of this blog at some point during the year because you deserve to open up your mailbox and receive something quilted… that makes YOU smile.

If you would like to be considered to receive a quilty package from me sometime in 2016,  please leave a comment below regarding your favorite color to use in a quilt. The comments thread will be open until 12:00 AM Eastern Time on January 8. Three readers will be chosen at random and will be notified by email.

Although not required, I would love it if each of the 3 readers who are chosen, share some quilty love of their own with a reader of their blog or with someone who does  not participate in the online quilting world. Let’s try to make 2017 a year where we make people smile.

9 thoughts on “Share the Love…

  1. Patricia Cash

    I favorite color is blue. Wonderful of you to share you talent. Yes, the quilters and quilt designers are awesome people!

  2. spierssusan

    Turquoise has been and will always be my favorite color! -in solids or prints! A refreshing color that stands out and can be combined with so many others colors! Thank you, Susan

  3. Beth LaMotte

    i love all colors, but blue seems to be my favorite. Your idea of sharing some quilty love with someone unsuspecting is such a sweet idea! Thanks for your inspiration.

  4. Verna A.

    Blue has always been my favorite color!

  5. Lori M

    Love Blues & Greens! 🙂 What a fun surprise others with Quilty Love Surprises!! Would be delighted to participate!!
    Ohio Hugs!!! & New Year Blessings Galore!! 🙂

  6. nancyangerer

    I love scrappy so I love all colors. I do have a reworks UFO that I hope to get back to after I finish two current projects, but otherwise, I use all colors.

  7. Cathy Valdez

    Stef….I love dark jewel colors; green & deep burgandy or turq and brown. Great idea, I am working on a quilt for my momma!! I love your posts….great idea to do random acts of kindness. We need more of this in the world. Your inspiring!!!

  8. debbierhodes

    Red the color of love (valentines). Red and white quilters are so nice.

  9. Jacqueline VH

    Hi there Stephanie,
    I am a relatively new subscriber to your blog…and I’m glad to have found you!
    I am also very glad that 2016 is finally over and hope that in 2017 things at home, and around the world will start on better footing than last year.
    If you were to choose me I’d love something in purples/silver-grey, white & black. I love these colours but always seem to be making things for others that do not contain these colours. I like prints and solids also…I think they both add interest to our projects.
    So, it would be great to be chosen, but if I’m not, that’s totally okay too!
    Quilty Huggs!

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