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How do you feel about secrets? It really isn’t fun when someone knows a secret but they won’t share. So I’m sorry, but I have a secret and I can’t share it with you. Seriously sorry. But I did want to share this picture of pretty half square triangles. The fabric is all from the Succulence line by Bonnie Christine and I think it’s truly gorgeous.  This is a little snippet of what I was able to work on over the weekend. And of course it’s already Monday which means I’m back to work. So have a great week everyone!

2 thoughts on “Secrets…

  1. Cathy Valdez

    Pretty colors…looks like SPRING!! Secrets…hmmm….mostly fun in our house!! Means we are up to surprising someone….like my daughter tomorrow for her birthday!!

  2. onecreativefamily

    I hope we will be able to see a finished project. I do like the fabrics and the tease..

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