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It’s January and it’s cold, in Colorado that means one thing… it’s time to go to the National Western Stock Show. If you grew up in the Denver area you have memories of being shuttled by school bus to the Denver Coliseum and walking around viewing the livestock, most likely you made a lot of jokes about the smell.

As an adult I look forward to attending each year. I love the Western Heritage that is such an important part of Colorado, it’s far more important to me than the ski resorts and zip lines that have popped up through out the state. My favorite part of the attending the Stock Show is getting to go to the rodeo. The men and women who participate in the different events are brave, educated and skilled horse people who also have a great love for the heritage of ranching and the animals that are part of all the events.

2 thoughts on “Rodeo…

  1. Beth LaMotte

    Great pics! Looks like a good time! I’m glad to see it was indoors. I can’t believe the cold, icy weather that has been clobbering the mid US. Our weather has been so much like spring. My hydrangeas are even budding. I will be putting the big, big squares together today of the 16/4 squares. Hopefully, the sun will still be out when I get through so I can get a picture of the top outside. I had thought about taking it to the beach, but I think the white sand will wash out the background squares.

  2. Cathy V

    Stef….yes I was a Denver kid that took those fields trips! So much also means you kept your Christmas lights up until the Stockshow was over(my dad still does this)! So many good memories after reading your post!!

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