Fabric Management…

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Fabric Management…

img_4663Today i was putting away these pretty fabrics that I received last week (and some new rotary blades) and I got to thinking about my fabric and how my purchasing habits have evolved over time.

When I first started quilting I seemed to like everything out there and wanted to try everything. But because I was not so experienced at fabric selection and had no idea how to build a stash I bought a lot of kits. Local Quilt Shops do such a great job of selecting fabrics to go with a pattern and putting it all together so you can just go home and get to sewing.


I sewed primarily from kits for a long time. Somewhere along the way precuts became available and they were so darn cute so I bought a few of those. How convenient to have 5″ squares or 2 1/2″ strips already cut for you. But honestly, I never really knew what to do with them. I have a couple jelly rolls in my stash that are probably 10  years old. Around the same time I discovered quilting blogs and the amount of inspiration was overwhelming. So much candy for my eyes.


Once I started reading about what all my favorite bloggers were doing I found myself wanting to have more of a stash and make my own fabric selections and the perfect precut for that is fat quarters. Now, my favorite type of precut is the fat quarter bundle. How wonderful is it to get every single fabric in a line that you fall in love with? I’ve been using fat quarter bundles a lot for the last few years and it has helped me to build a well rounded stash. But if I walk into a local quilt shop I will often walk out with random fat quarters that caught my eye.


As I get more interested in coming up with my own quilt designs I am starting to see the need to purchase fabric in yardage. I am excited to think about what my stash is going to look like as I move forward with my quilting. Now if I can only figure out how to store it all!

2 thoughts on “Fabric Management…

  1. Patti Gramling

    Since I am new to quilting a find this post most interesting. I don’t have a stash and have wondered what the best way to be to build one. I have bought fat quarters that struck my eye, yardage I could not resist, and lately a collection of layer cakes with no definite plans on how I will use them! I am presently working on a kit just so I do not have to make any fabric selections for a few weeks.

  2. Linda Christianson

    By the yard has always been my way. Just be careful when buying the end of the bolt.- three or less is great but unless you are going to use it for backing or one color quilt I have often got bored with finding a way to use the ten yards. or bolt I bought.

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