Snowflake Shimmer Is Finished…

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Snowflake Shimmer Is Finished…


It was nearly 60 degrees today. If you’re from Colorado, that means it’s very likely you’ll run into someone wearing shorts. It might even be you. I considered shorts for a moment but then thought against it as it might be cold in the shade. Why am I telling you this? Because I finally finished my Snowflake Shimmer quilt this weekend and the whole time I was working on it I was picturing the quilt in a pure white snowy backdrop. So this is what you get. This quilt is HUGE, it’s an actual twin size quilt. I knew it would be difficult to photograph without help and it was. Maybe when we get a huge snowstorm I’ll try again, but I really don’t want a huge snow storm!

3 thoughts on “Snowflake Shimmer Is Finished…

  1. Lisa

    You chose such a pretty colour. I love it.

  2. billiemick

    Really lovely.

  3. Cathy V

    BEAUTIFUL!!! That’s is my favorite! Love the warm weather as well

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