Valentine Sewing…

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Valentine Sewing…

Did you know that in the days of the great philosopher Aristotle it was believed that the heart was the center of all emotion and that the brain was basically useless?  I’m kind of glad we figured that one out. Now that February is here I want to share the Valentine minis that I made. You know that I LOVE red and red is the color of Valentine’s but I wanted to use a softer palette for these. So I made the pink one but I just could not stay away from the red. So I pulled some low volume fabrics that have red in them. Each of these minis is 12″ finished and they are very easy to put together.  I am going to write up a tutorial for these that I will post next week. I love the tiny little pinwheel that connects each of the hearts together. This block would make a very sweet quilt.


4 thoughts on “Valentine Sewing…

  1. Patti Gramling

    Adorable! I was hoping someone would post a cute valentine design. Thank you.

  2. Kathy E.

    Oh, I do love these! I’m looking forward to the tutorial!

  3. Kathy Bertelsen

    Oh goodness. Love this mini. Can hardly wait for the tutorial

  4. yellowcatquilts

    I love this mini! so sweet! and hello from a fellow Island Batik Ambassador.

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