MQG Swap Mini…

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MQG Swap Mini…

Remember when I shared with you the mini that I made for a special recipient in the Modern Quilt Guild Swap? Over the weekend I received my mini quilt that my partner in the Modern Quilt Guild Swap made for me. Can I just say that I am in love? I love everything about this quilt. I love the fabrics, I love the backing, I love the label, I love the binding, I love the pattern and I love the quilting. I keep staring at it because it’s so pretty. Now to find a spot to hang it!


3 thoughts on “MQG Swap Mini…

  1. Beth LaMotte

    Wow! It is gorgeous !

  2. Needle and Foot

    I agree. This is wonderful

  3. Cathy Valdez

    I love this one!!!! Reminds me of a childhood toy the KALEIDISCOPE!!!!!!! This evokes a lot of happy memories!!

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