Furry Friday…

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Furry Friday…


Today is Furry Friday! I’m sure you are asking what that means, read on to find out.


The first goal of Furry Friday is to help provide kennel quilts through The Small Kennel Quilt Team, a volunteer organization sponsored by The Quilt Pattern Magazine. You can help The Small Kennel Quilt Team by making kennel quilts yourself. Information about the kennel quilt program is available on The Quilt Pattern Magazine website. The Quilt Pattern Magazine is sponsoring a Virtual Kennel Quilt Retreat March 18 and March 19th. Kennel quilts are really simple to put together as you can see from the tutorial I posted last month. If you have about an hour of free time and some spare fabric and supplies, they would really appreciate if you could provide a kennel quilt.


The other goal of Furry Friday is to help the Petfinder Foundation adopt out cats and dogs in shelters across the U.S. This week Petfinder Foundation is highlighting two animals that are looking for their forever home.

Catnine lived a hard life before she was saved by Zeus’ Rescues in New Orleans: Both her leg and her jaw had been broken. Still, she adores people, and she’s ready for a loving home that will help her heal! You can click on her name to be taken to the Petfinder Foundation site to find more information about Catnine.

June is a gentle, house-trained 6-year-old gal who is comfortable around adults, children and other dogs, and even lived happily with a gecko! She’s waiting for a new family at Animal Care Centers of NYC in Manhattan. Click on her name to read more about June.

Both of the shelters that are taking care of Catnine and June have received kennel quilts through The Small Kennel Quilt Team. In addition to Island Batiks, The Quilt Pattern Magazine, and Petfinder Foundation, thank you to the kind people of Quilty Box  who are sponsoring this great event. Please take some time to read about these sweet babies and make a kennel quilt for an animal in a shelter.

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