More Sawtooth Stars…

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More Sawtooth Stars…



This week I pulled out my bin of red and blue fabrics and made 4 more Sawtooth Stars. It’s very easy to pick this project up at any time because I have tutorial to make 3 different sizes of Sawtooth Stars here on my blog. At this point, I have 16 12 1/2″ Sawtooth Stars. To make the quilt I have in mind I now need to start working on 36 6 1/2″ Sawtooth Star blocks. There’s no hurry on this quilt so I will do these at my leisure.

2 thoughts on “More Sawtooth Stars…

  1. Beth LaMotte

    What great stars and thank you for the star block instructions.

  2. billiemick

    Nothing better than a star.

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