Island Batik Applique…


So a couple weeks ago I gave you a peek at the beginning of my applique project for Island Batik. I’ve wanted to attempt an applique design based on Hungarian Folk motifs for a while so I thought this would be the time.


To be honest, I think my eyes were bigger than my sewing needle with this project. Or, some of those pieces were smaller than I was really willing to applique. So I decided to just keep the main part of the tulip design.


I’ve done needle turn applique before, and I really like the process and how it turns out. I’ve also used fusible interface but I did not want to machine applique this project. So this time I used a light weight interfacing that I sewed to the batik fabric in the desired shape. After trimming around the shape, I cut a small slit in the interfacing and turned the piece right side out. After this I hand stitched the pieces to the background fabric. This process gives the pieces a really smooth finish.

IMG_4916Without the additional flourishes, I feel like the tulip design seems more modern. The red and green batiks from Island Batik are the perfect shade for a Hungarian folk design.

Adventurous Applique Graphic

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