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It was a gorgeous weekend this weekend. Saturday was one of those perfectly clear and hot days that make you just want to be outside all day long. And that is what I did. I didn’t do laundry this weekend, I didn’t cook this weekend and I didn’t even vacuum this weekend. I also did zero sewing this weekend. The only thing I could bring myself to work on this weekend was to cut the fabric for 27  6 1/2″ Sawtooth Star blocks. 27 blocks is what I need to finish to have all the necessary blocks for my Red and Blue Sawtooth Star quilt. Now that this fabric selection and cutting is done I think I can power through sewing these squares. I hope.

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  1. Beth LaMotte

    Thanks to you I have become a big fan of sawtooth stars. I’m looking forward to your stars! No sewing accomplished down here in Florida this weekend either. Saturday was gorgeous with no humidity for a change.

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