Bison and A Finished Quilt…

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Bison and A Finished Quilt…


IMG_5136Just Northeast of Denver is a Wildlife Refuge that used to be the Rocky Mountain Arsenal. The Arsenal was a chemical weapons manufacturing center for the United States starting in 1942.



The Rocky Mountain Arsenal closed in 1985 when clean up began at the site and the land sat empty and unused for years. It was eventually discovered that bald eagles had been nesting on the site and other wildlife had been living here successfully. That’s when the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge was created.



The Refuge is working to remove invasive grass species and replace with native grasses. I’m not sure if the purple thistles are native, but I sure do love them.




In 2007, sixteen American Bison were brought to the refuge from the National Bison Range in Montana. The herd at the refuge is now around 60 animals. The plan is to expand the grazing area and grow the herd to 210 animals in the coming years.



Here’s that finished quilt I told you about. The fabric is Sundrops from Corey Yoder for Moda. The pattern is called Hopscotch and used a pack of Jolly Bars, a Charm Pack, and a Layer Cake.

5 thoughts on “Bison and A Finished Quilt…

  1. Patti Gramling

    I just spent 4 days hiking in the Rocky Mountains near Breckenridge and heard about this wildlife preserve on the way to the Denver airport so I was very excited to see your post! No quilt shop in Breckenridge however – the only disappointment of the vacation.

  2. Patti Gramling

    Oh, and I love your quilt!!!

  3. onecreativefamily

    Beautiful country and wonderful quilt.

  4. Pamela Boatright

    Cool! Next time we visit Colorado we’ll have to visit the refuge! Nice quilt, and what a backdrop for it 🙂

  5. Cathy Valdez

    Love the quilt…my dad worked at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal in its heyday around the mid 70’s to early 80’s. I remember meeting him at the fence and bringing him dinner. Love your posts!! I would love to get together with you sometime. I need a new sewing machine and would love your recommendation.

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