There’s Only Stars Here…

Sorry, no stripes to be found on this day after Independence Day. I hope you had a wonderful celebration if you are in the U.S. I haven’t done a ton of sewing lately, part of it is because I’ve had other non-sewing stuff going on and part of it is because I haven’t really been motivated. I think it’s because I imposed a deadline on myself to get the red and blue Sawtooth Star blocks finished and I love to procrastinate. I lie and tell myself I’m better under pressure. I had 26 Sawtooth Stars to finish and I just didn’t want to. But I finally cracked down and finished all the Stars. I now have all the 12″ blocks and 6″ blocks I need to put together the quilt top. I’m going to try to get that done in July!

2 thoughts on “There’s Only Stars Here…

  1. I love stars! I saw the tic-tac-toe quilt and didn’t realize it was yours! That’s when I started following you. I love the colors in it. I thought it was a snowball at first – little do I know. I love the colors. I just saw someone doing a temperature quilt and I’m not in a place to be quilting right now and thought I might do stars as a temp quilt. Thanks for the pretty stars. Today my only granddaughter turns 4.

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