Farmer’s Market and A Gift I Received…

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Farmer’s Market and A Gift I Received…


So I’m the kind of girl that goes to the Farmer’s Market on a Sunday specifically to buy some Palisade Peaches (if you’re from Colorado you know) and I buy a bundle of dill to put in a vase, because I love the smell of dill. To me dill smells like summer. It reminds me of summer cookouts, my mom’s garden and mostly, blistering hot days helping my parents make dill pickles.


As I was leaving the Farmer’s Market a couple stopped me to ask what I was carrying and what do people use it for, as they saw so many people carrying the big bundles. I explained that it was dill and most people use it for making pickles. I told them that I selected the bundle that I had because so much of it had gone to flower and I planned to put it in a vase when I got home. I think they thought I was nuts.


A few weeks ago  I received a wonderful surprise in the mail from Bella at Created by Bella. Bella was looking for the pattern for my Hungarian Posies block that was published last fall in Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks. The pattern is only available in Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 14 but I had an extra copy so I mailed it to her.


To thank me for the magazine Bella sent me the cutest pin cushion and of course it is red which I love. IMG_5311Please be sure to check out Bella’s blog, Created by Bella.  She is a very talented quilter who has been working on some original quilt designs. You can also purchase your own adorable flower pin cushion in her Etsy store where she has several color variations available. I love my pin cushion, it was so sweet of Bella to send it to me. Aren’t quilters wonderful people?

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