IBA Back To School Reveal…

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IBA Back To School Reveal…

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Welcome to the last day of the Island Batik Fabrics Back To School Blog Hop. I hope you have visited all the sites and been inspired by all the amazing projects using Island Batik fabrics. Now that it’s the end of September, all the kiddos should be back in school.

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My project started with these piles of the gorgeous fabric line called Zen. This line is filled with fabrics starting with the lightest, most powdery blue, into darker blues and teals all the way to a dark, spruce green. For my project I wanted a quilt that would showcase all these fabrics as each one is so pretty.


Because the fabrics are so pretty on their own I quilted simple, wavy lines diagonally across the quilt. Isn’t that blue fabric soothing?


The photo above gives a good view of the blocks that make up this quilt. The blocks are 8″ finished so the quilt finishes at 64″ x 64″.  It’s a nice lap quilt.


This bench was in such a pretty setting at the park near me, with the sun shining through the trees. There were acorns all around in the grass that had dropped from the trees. Thinking about the Back To School Blog Hop and the bench reminded me that I rarely rode the bus to school, I almost always walked to school. But on the way to school me and my friends would sing silly songs and laugh the whole time.


I really hope  you have enjoyed seeing all the beautiful fabric from Island Batik’s 2017 Spring/ Summer Collection throughout the month of September. Keep visiting because there are still more great projects for all the Ambassadors to share in the next few months.


Lastly, to celebrate the Island Batik Back To School Blog Hop, I am giving away this great stash builder of Island Batik fabric strips. This little package contains 2.8 yards of fabric. These little bundles are the best stash builders ever!

To enter go to the Raffle Copter link, be sure you follow the Quilt’n Party blog. You can earn additional entries following Quilt’n Party on Facebook and by leaving a comment about your favorite Back To School memory! The giveaway is open until Sunday, October 1 at midnight.

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35 thoughts on “IBA Back To School Reveal…

  1. Allison Evrard

    Such a beautiful quilt–so cool and refreshing.

  2. Sally Johnson

    Love the colors and simplicity of this quilt. Very nice job

  3. Cheryl

    Love what you did with this line of fabric–the quilt is stunning. My favorite back to school memory is the year I actually got a new outfit–my own, not hand-me-down.

  4. Bonnie Larson

    I used to love getting to school early on the first day to pick out my desk. Gorgeous fabrics. i love batiks. Thanks for sharing

  5. spierssusan

    I don’t have a specific memory – the smell of the freshly cleaned classrooms &’ mopped halls – the smell of books &.newly sharpened pencils – and the anticipation of starting a new year of learning! These I will never forget!

  6. Lisa

    This is a wonderful quilt. The white background really shows the fabric off to full advantage.

  7. Susan L.

    Beautiful quilt! My favorite school memories are of spending time with my friends.

  8. Alice Ronne

    Beautiful quilt and I love the colors! Loved going back to school to see who my new teacher was and who was in my class.

  9. Alison

    This turned out so awesome! I especially love that “K” fabric in the first picture!

  10. Quilting Tangent

    Pretty quilt. Best memory, spending time with my friends.

  11. Joyce Carter

    I love this quilt. It is so pretty with all those fabrics.
    Best school memories–getting all the neat new supplies. I still love doing that today. LOL

  12. Toni A

    Beautiful peaceful quilt!! I don’t have many memories of school, but I do remember my first day of my senior year, had to have my wisdom teeth pulled and missed the first whole week of school.

  13. Joan

    What a fun quilt full of beautiful fabrics. I love how you labeled your fabrics too. So bright and cheery. Nothing line my hand scribbled papers! 😉

  14. Teri

    Such a lovely quilt! Favorite school memories are of special teachers and time with friends.

  15. Jayne P

    Going back to school meant getting back to early mornings – never my best time of day! Thank you for sharing your beautiful quilt

  16. Melody Lutz

    Back to school memory? All the crisp, bright, and clean clithes everyone wore on the first day.

  17. nancyangerer

    Love your quilt. My birthday is Sept. 5th, so my birthday was always at the start of school. One memory is that I always got a new box of crayons at the start of school. As I got older, that included a new box of colored pencils.

  18. MoeWest

    Your quilt looks great! I used to like shopping for school supplies to start a new year.

  19. Lori Smanski

    wow I love your quilt. of course those fabrics just make it so perfect. I remember how mom would take all five of us kids before school and we could all choose one clothing item that we wanted and one we needed. When our kids came along we only had two so they could choose one item they needed and two they wanted. Taught the lesson that a lot of clothes are not needed. To be grateful and thankful for what we do have. It also taught responsibility. Wanted to take care of them so they lasted all year.

  20. billiemick

    Such a lovely quilt and I love the way you used the colors.

  21. Maryellen McAuliffe

    I loved getting new crayons.

  22. Vicki H

    I loved back to school shopping when we got to go the mall.

  23. Sandy K

    I was always so very happy to get a brand new box of 24 crayons.

  24. Annmarie Tegen

    I attended a small Catholic grade school and couldn’t wait for school to start each year to be with all my friends again. I love Zen – your quilt is awesome.

  25. Janet T

    Always getting new crayons, notebook, pencils, erasers for the new school year. I still get excited when I see the bins of school supplies during the summer sales. I always look to see if I need anything.

  26. quilterpt

    I was always so excited to see who my new teacher would be each year, and often it wasn’t the teacher I was hoping for, but finally in 6th grade I got into Mrs. Johnson’s class…I could hardly wait to go to school each day. Your quilt turned out just beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  27. Cecilia

    I always enjoyed the first day of school with all of the new books and seeing all of my friends.

  28. Patti Gramling

    My favorite part of back to school was the new pencils, paper and books.

  29. annalutzbrown

    Great color choices lucky girl….happyness04431@yahoo.com

  30. Kathy E.

    I really love this quilt pattern and the Island Batiks fabrics are a perfect way to show them off! What a lovely spot to photograph the quilt too!

  31. Nicole Sender

    Beautiful quilt! My favorite back to school memory is walking through the fall leaves on the sidewalk to school and seeing all my friends after summer vacation.

  32. Pam

    Your quilt is beautiful, and so is your photography! Thanks for sharing this. My favorite back to school memory is wearing a dress that my grandmother made.

  33. Chris

    I really only loved college and it was wonderful. New books, new classes so much to learn. Exciting for me.

  34. Verna

    Those batiks are all so beautiful! I always loved getting a fresh box of crayons and maybe a new outfit or two for going back to school.

  35. Connie Kresin Campbell

    Beautiful quilt!

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