More Gypsy Wife Blocks…

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More Gypsy Wife Blocks…


I’ll be honest with you, I was really nervous about working on these Gypsy Wife blocks because the directions don’t provide much more than cutting directions and placement. Honestly, they’re not that bad. This is the Star Block.


This is the Indian Hatchet Block. When I’m sewing my mind tends to wander. As I’ve been working on these Gypsy Wife blocks I’ve wondered how Jen Kingwell came to name each one. Some of the blocks have names I’m familiar with. Some of the names match what I would expect for the block and some do not.


Maybe you have to be from Australia, like Jen Kingwell to get it. These are the Puss In The corner Blocks, the pattern calls for two but only one gets the border treatment.


This is the Nurses Cross block. I’d say this is the toughest block so far. But I’m happy with it.


4 thoughts on “More Gypsy Wife Blocks…

  1. Beth LaMotte

    I love your material. The blocks look wonderful. The finished quilt should be quite stunning! I’m not sure about the origins of the block names either, but when you find out be sure to let us know please.

  2. Kathy Bertelsen

    Love these blocks… I am sure I missed the post, but what book did you get these patterns and how big is each block.

  3. Billie Kretzschmar

    Wonderful blocks. Love your fabrics.

  4. Lisa

    Very nice!

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