All The Blocks Are Finished…

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All The Blocks Are Finished…


So this post shares the lost of the block construction for the Gypsy Wife quilt. These are the Square In A Square Courthouse blocks. There’s 6 of them, all of varying sizes.


This was the last block to make. It started with a previously made Pinwheel Block. On it’s own I think it’s pretty garish. But I’m going to live with it. It goes with my rule, you don’t have to love everything that goes into the quilt, it just has to work. We’ll see.


So this picture is all 75 blocks that will make up the Gypsy Wife quilt. Now on to the next phase on adding the strips that seem to suspend the blocks.

One thought on “All The Blocks Are Finished…

  1. Beth LaMotte

    I am so drawn to the Gypsy Wife quilt and would like to start it in 2018. I’m trying to drum up some local interest and get a Gypsy Wife Quilt/ Support group started. Fingers crossed. 2 questions…if you could start your quilt over, what would you do differently? Do you recommend just using fabric from your stash and scraps or do you feel a definite color scheme would be easier to work with?

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