Procrastination Is Over…

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Procrastination Is Over…







This quilt has been waiting for binding for about 3 months now. I’m a terrible person. This is my Meadow Mystery quilt finally finished! When I was finishing up this quilt I was hoping that it would snow so I could photograph it in the snow. I really wanted to see the pink and the blues pop surrounded by the all white snow. Instead what I got was a really cold morning where the grass and the ground were frozen. But it’s done! Now I have one more quilt to bind before Christmas! Nothing like the pressure of last minute to make you get things done.

5 thoughts on “Procrastination Is Over…

  1. Beth LaMotte

    I love it! I have a stash of that same pink and now have an idea as to what colors to possibly mix with it. Great pic even without the snow.

  2. Cathy

    BEAUTIFUL QUILT STEF!!! I Think procrastination suits you well!! Very nicely done.
    Love the colors =)

  3. Lisa

    Hi Stephanie: This is a really nice version of this quilt. I like the subtle contrast in it.

  4. Pamela Boatright

    So pretty and soft looking! I do love it!

  5. billiemick

    Really lovely.

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