Gypsy Wife Flimsy Reveal…

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Gypsy Wife Flimsy Reveal…


Well, I can’t believe it but I finished the quilt top for my Gypsy Wife. I had sections 7 – 10 left to finish from the last time I posted, so here they are. Only I forgot to take a photo of section seven because I was so excited by the progress I was making. So we’re starting with section eight.

IMG_5782Next up is section nine.


Lastly is section 10. This section was pretty intense as there are so many long strips that have to continue from the previous sections.


So there it is, my Gypsy Wife flimsy. Just so you know, section seven is in the bottom right hand corner and sections 8 – 10 make up the left side of the quilt from top to bottom. I have to be honest here, I have such a huge sense of accomplishment having finished this quilt top. I’ve been holding on to this pattern for several years not knowing I was going to attempt it this year. But the quilt along hosted by Gnome Angel really inspired me to get to work. If you’ve been thinking about working on the Gypsy Wife I say go for it.



3 thoughts on “Gypsy Wife Flimsy Reveal…

  1. Patricia Gramling

    Wow! Quite an achievement. I don’t know the story behind the Gypsy Wife pattern. Could you enlighten me?

  2. Beth LaMotte

    Absolutely stunning! What an accomplishment! Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. billiemick

    Such a lot of work. Well done!

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