The Pre-Washing Saga Continues…

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The Pre-Washing Saga Continues…

To Michelle,

The next step in the Pre-Washing series is piecing the quilt tops. I have previously discussed the washing process and the cutting process. Now I want to touch on piecing the quilt tops with fabric that has been pre-washed and fabric that has not been pre-washed. First I made sure I had a new needle in my sewing machine and I also made sure that lint was cleaned out of the machine.IMG_5922

First up I made half square triangles with the pre-washed fabrics and I trimmed them up to measure 2 1/2″ square. All of the squares trimmed up nicely.


I continued sewing the quilt top with the pre-washed fabric and noticed that I really enjoyed sewing with the pre-washed fabric. The fabric pressed nicely


Next up i pieced the half square triangles with the fabric that was not pre-washed. As I don’t normally pre-wash there were no surprises in the experience.

IMG_5941When it came time to sew the rows together I did notice there was a difference with the pre-washed fabric. I found that with the fabric that was not pre-washed the layers of fabric slipped around more against one other. IMG_5948

After I finished stitching both versions of the quilt top I checked my machine for lint and cleaned it out. There was a wee bit more lint with the fabric that was NOT pre-washed. I’m curious about how this impacts the long term use of your machine. Anyone have any thoughts on that?

Next up, I ‘m going to quilt and bind both minis and I’ll share photos and that experience.

3 thoughts on “The Pre-Washing Saga Continues…

  1. Kathleen McCormick

    More lint with pre-washing – interesting – as I would have guessed the opposite. I 🤔 it matters little if we are faithful about cleaning – my machine needs an oiling – as we speak.

  2. Cathy

    On the edge of my seat awaiting the results!!
    Thanks so much for doing this!!

  3. Sis

    There is a finish added to fabric before it is bolted so that probably explains why you find the pre-washed fabric less slippery to work with. On the occasions where I have worked with pre-cuts I have always found a lot of lint in my machine when cleaning after the project but I thought that was due to the pinked edges.
    Very interesting following your research here; thanks for doing this

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