Fixing Mistakes…

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Fixing Mistakes…


I had a mini to make and I had it all drawn out and then I cut the fabric and I mistakenly cut the squares for the half square triangles too small. But I decided to go ahead and put it together thinking that I would make it work. But I got this far and decided that it was going to be too small.


So I started over from the beginning and now I’m much happier. Now to do some binding!

3 thoughts on “Fixing Mistakes…

  1. Kathleen McCormick

    I so hate when that happens! I need to find a way to check my cutting on some of those things so I can prevent these mistakes. I am thinking of a precut of a piece of paper to work as a model. Glad you found a solution and it is coming out as you desired.

  2. billiemick

    Sometimes that’s all we can do. Love your fabrics.

  3. cheryljbrickey

    I have done that too. I really like fabrics and the layout I hope that you can reuse the blocks for something else.

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