It’s Easter Weekend…

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It’s Easter Weekend…


So first off, I have a few new additions to the stash. I guess I was on a deer kick. I didn’t even realize till I got the fabrics home that they all had deer in them. In the left corner is Terrarium Plum Deer by Elizabeth Hartman, the other fabrics are The Forest and Multi Red Riding Stripe both by Dear Stella.


I love making Challah bread this time of year. I really enjoy making bread at any time, but there’s something about the time and effort it makes to braid the Challah loaf that makes me feel like I really accomplished something amazing. Challah bread is so good because it’s has a soft, chewy texture and while it’s baking it smells a lot like fresh, hot pretzels (yes I’m a carb junkie). If you like French toast , Challah is the best bread to use to make French toast. Strangely, every time I say Challah, I hear Holla! in my head.


Of course at this time of year, you have to decorate eggs. I hope the weather holds up this weekend so you can have a wonderful Easter egg hunt, here in the Denver area there’s a chance of rain.  I also hope you get a wonderful chocolate Easter bunny!

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  1. Cathy

    Love your fabrics and that bread!! Looks divine!! Have a wonderful Easter weekend Stef!!! And I hope you get that chocolate Easter bunny!!

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