Round Robin Progress…


I’ve been procrastinating working on my round of this Round Robin. This quilt belongs to my friend Michelle who requested a we keep her project to the size of a bed runner. I was procrastinating because I didn’t know what I wanted to do.


Finally I figured out what I wanted to do. All along I knew I wanted to incorporate this red fabric that I had in my stash because it matches the tone of the red that Michelle’s quilt started with.


I had to get out my wide angle lens to get a photo of the entire quilt. I like how my segments bookend the quilt.

6 thoughts on “Round Robin Progress…

  1. Your bookends are a great addition to the quilt . I love the effect the blocks create, the black winding around the red.

  2. WOW that is GORGEOUS!!!-your addition really brings the quilt to the next level! Simply perfect!!

  3. This is beautiful! You created a very interesting and eye catching pattern and your color choices, as usual, are amazing!

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