Coast to Coast Round Robin…

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Coast to Coast Round Robin…


It’s the week of Round Robin work. For the Coast to Coast Round Robin I had Ashley’s quilt this month. Ashley blogs at Hot Pink Quilts. Ashley started her quilt with the circle of paper pieced butterflies. Ashley requested that we carried forward the theme of flight for her quilt top. So last month, Alison at Little Bunny Quilts added the pinwheel blocks and the arrows.


My first thought for working on Ashley’s quilt was flying geese but I wanted to do something a little different so I came across this paper pieced pattern for a sparrow in flight at a blog called Moore About Nancy.  Swallow Flight is actually from the 1930s. I first added the strip of black for a little separation. I wanted to place the Swallow blocks so it looked like they were coming together in flight. Each sparrow is placed slight different from the previous one. I really like this quilt top. I think Flight is such a great theme.

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  1. Saydea

    Beautiful, love it. Is a pattern available?

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