IMG_5068It’s been a while since I’ve had an update on the Round Robin project with my friends Michelle and Jen but this is the post to do just that. If we go way back, this is the piece I started with. A fun take on the Bear’s Paw block.

IMG_5544In the second round, Michelle added these wonderful borders. She wanted to calm things down a little as there is so much going on in the center block. OK… fast forward to now! Are you all ready for this?
IMG_6163OH EM GEE!!!! There’s not enough uppercase letters and exclamation points for this. Look at what Jen did! Look at those Chevrons!!! Look at those Plus Signs! Look at that rust color that brings out the foxes and the foxglove flowers. I LOVE the where this quilt top has ended up. Thank you so much to Jennifer and Michelle for their contributions. I want to add some more to this quilt top, I’m not sure what just yet but I want this quilt to be even bigger than it is.



One thought on “OH EM GEE!!!!

  1. WOW!!!! Jen !!! Your round is spectacular. The colors just grab you and the block shapes are eye catching. Who said the quilt was too busy??? Tell her to HUSH up

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