Coast To Coast Update…

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Coast To Coast Update…


For the last round of the Coast to Coast Traveling Bee I had the opportunity to work on Karen’s quilt. This is how the quilt looked when I received it. I checked with Karen and she wanted to keep the medallion style of the quilt. There’s a lot going on in this quilt and it stumped me for a while.

IMG_6476You might recall, a few weeks back I teased these paper pieced flying geese blocks. I though I would make a bunch of these in the same color palette as the quilt for a border but I just wasn’t happy with how they looked. I don’t feel like they really enhanced the quilt any, they just added more movement.


In the end, what I ended up doing was adding the pieced strips with tone on tone white fabric. I added in a few pieces of green picking up on some of the batik fabrics that have hints of green. I think the strips frame off the quilt nicely and will allow Karen to add more to this quilt if she wants.

3 thoughts on “Coast To Coast Update…

  1. Alison

    It looks fantastic! I am so excited to see what Karen does with it!

  2. Tonia Conner

    I hope you are the end of the line, it looks great right where it is. I also wanted to thank you for stopping by Allthingzsewn , you asked if the bowl was hard to make. No,and there are several turorials on YOUTUBE if
    you are interested. When you see some of the otheers you will realize how shabby mine is. But good enough to hold Christmas breakfast eggs.

  3. Lisa J.

    You made a good choice Stephanie. The lines look great and the geese would have been too much.

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