The Grand Tetons…

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The Grand Tetons…


Bison on dirt road_edited

I have been a very bad blogger. I went on vacation to Grand Teton National Park and I did not share any of my photos. I went on this trip with my friend Jean, and I have to tell you that she was OBSESSED with finding all the wildlife that we could. We had some success, we found a lot of animals except for bears. It was too hot for the bears. Here’s some of the photos I took.

Jenny Lake


Moose first morning




2 thoughts on “The Grand Tetons…

  1. Patricia Gramling

    Oh my goodness! How beautiful. I have never been out west but your photos inspire me to make a trip there a priority. Thank you!

  2. quilterpt

    I have always loved the Grand Tetons. They are so majestic and the closest thing we have to the Swiss Alps. (I know there is no comparison but I love them just the same). When we were there last we had sighting of a bear far off in the distance. The rangers closed the trail we were on as they didn’t want humans confronting the bear!

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