Húsleves… A Cooking Challenge…

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Húsleves… A Cooking Challenge…

IMG_7050In one of my early posts this year, I mentioned that I signed up to participate in Hungarian Cooking Challenge. Each month, the host sends out a Hungarian recipe for each of us to make. This month the recipe is Húsleves (Hoosh lavash)… Chicken and Meat Soup.

IMG_7055I’m going to be honest, my first reaction was a bit of alarm when I thought about making soup that had both chicken and beef in it. At first I considered just using the chicken but then I decided to go for it.

IMG_2229-2Húsleves is not a soup that you boil or even simmer. You steep it. For the first few hours you steep the chicken, meat and marrow bones over low, low, low heat and skim off the fat as it builds up. The goal is to get a clear broth. At the moment where you think you won’t have to skim any fat you add a whole unpeeled onion, garlic, peppercorns and parsley. And then you let it steep for a couple more hours. After that you add the celery, carrots, potatoes, and kohlrabi if you are using it. Then you wait a couple more hours. 

When you are ready to serve the Húsleves you remove the vegetables and the meat and strain the broth through a fine mesh strainer. Shred the chicken and beef and add to the broth. You’re supposed to serve the broth with Thread noodles but I used Gluten Free noodles because my friend that I shared the soup with has Celiac Disease. Both of us loved this soup. My friend said, “this is delicious, this tastes old world”. I will definitely make this again. You can find the recipe here.




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