Túrós csusza…

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Túrós csusza…


Today I’m sharing my Hungarian Cooking Challenge for the month of February. This month our recipe is Túrós csusza. Túrós csusza (Tur-osh chu-sa) is a savory dish that combines noodles with cheese, bacon and sour cream. All the elements of a healthy, balanced diet, wink.


That doesn’t sound so complicated does it? The difficulty came when the challenge asked us to make our own Farmer’s Cheese. I knew the basics, a gallon of milk, some heat and some type of acid to make the milk create curds that would separate from the whey.


Nonetheless, I was a little nervous. But there was no need. It all came together just like the directions said it would. The recipe we were sent called for buttermilk and vinegar in addition to the milk. I did a little research and found that you could use the juice of one lemon and get the same result so I went with the lemon juice method.

IMG_7104-2This is the step where you drain the cheese curds through a cheesecloth like fabric. I had this gauzy dishtowel so I just used that. Draining of course took a while.


In the end I was left with this satisfying, creamy, fresh tasting soft cheese. I’m going to make this again and add dried herbs with salt and pepper to the cheese for spreading on crackers. Yum!

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  1. Kathleen McCormick

    Looks yummy, but I would be scared making that! You are a brave one.

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