Quilts in the Past…

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Quilts in the Past…


In my spare time, I enjoy doing genealogy research for my family. Part of that includes browsing databases of historic newspapers. Recently I thought it would be fun to search the Colorado Historic Newspapers database for articles related to quilting and I thought I would share some of those articles with you. CFT18720712.1.1-1453-2348-766-1016-191w

One of the early articles I found was in the Colorado Daily Chieftain from July 12, 1872. The article was highlighting the uses of used paper around the home. All of these suggestions in the article highlight the importance of reusing materials in the home. CFT18930830-01.1.3-53-4950-666-1873-166wCFT18930830-01.1.3-702-869-676-392-169w

If you jump ahead two decades, the same paper, the Colorado Daily Chieftain published an article on August 30, 1893 about how silk patchwork quilts are not as fashionable as they once were, but patchwork quilts using fabrics that are printed and dyed with the more modern techniques are very satisfying.WIC19110427.1.2-2975-6320-668-570-334w

The April 27, 1911 Weekly Ignacio Chieftain provided advice to homemakers on a frugal method to make a quilt. Again the importance of reusing materials is reinforced in this article.MPT19141030.1.4-1393-3743-666-775-333w

I really wanted to include this article from the October 30, 1914 Middle Park Times because quite frankly it makes me very happy for the invention of the Washing Machine an  Dryer. Can you imagine the strength it took when it was time to wash all the quilts in the house? Back breaking work.STP19300815.1.2-88-3663-1344-3200-168w

By August 15, 1930, the Steamboat Pilot was running advertisements for Peter Pan fabrics and citing the resurgence of the Early American style. I tried to find information online about Peter Pan Fabrics.  The most I could find was a series of lawsuits filed by Peter Pan Fabrics filed against other companies for copyright infringement in the 1950s and 1960s.  I hope you enjoyed these articles from the past. I had fun reading all the tips for creating and caring for the quilts of the past.

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