Broken Panes Catch Up…

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Broken Panes Catch Up…


This week in the Broken Panes quilt along, hosted by Jen at Patterns by Jen is the week that everyone is quilting their quilts. Since I sent my quilt off to be quilted by a professional long arm quilter, I am taking the week off from this project. Be sure to visit Jen’s blog to see her tips for working on the Broken Panes quilt.

I thought I’d re-share some of the photos I’ve taken while making the Broken Panes quilt top. The fabrics I used are Maureen Cracknell fabrics from my stash that I had been saving for something special.

Sun Kissed Sky Hazy Daisies
Mystical Land Whisper Secret Seeds
Autumn Vibes Squirrel at Play
Mystical Land Cluster Astral Rain
Autumn Vibes Pecan Acorns and Pinecones

The background fabric is Essex Linen in Sand.

We’re getting close to the end now. According to Jen’s blog, we’re sharing our finished quilt on August 13th.

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  1. Lisa J.

    Stepanie. Your fabrics for this quilt are really beautiful, I can see why you are saving them. I love the Essex Linen as a background.

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